The Agency

I founded Advisory Board in 2020 after over a decade as editor with a variety of luxury fashion magazines. My idea was to provide what I have often been missing in my journalistic life: support from brands that would allow me to perform every editor’s most daunting duty – filling white space in a fun way. Too often, I felt left alone while tasked to produce content on a product without a story to tell. It sometimes felt like having dinner with someone who doesn’t have anything to say.

With ADVISORY BOARD, we aim to have a different kind of dinner party: We want our clients to be seen, known, and – most of all – loved. And we do what it takes, making sure that we have a good story and communicate it in a witty way. Hence, the core of our work is the story of a brand and its intelligent distribution.

We believe, particularly in these times, that human contact cannot be overrated, and therefore we prioritize working in the most personal ways within a tightly-knit circle of media professionals, many of whom we are fortunate to call our friends.

Talking of friends, we passionately include our clients in this group. We believe that in order to provide excellent communication services you have to fully immerse yourself in a brand which is why we work with an in-house approach. Between Advisory Board and client it’s never „we” and „them” – it’s us. 

We’d be thrilled to tell your story.
Marco Rechenberg


Personalized distribution of press releases in our tightly-knit network, Customized story pitches, Immediate response media request handling, Desksides / Lunch & Dinner dates with select media, Influencer activation and VIP liaison, Hosting in-office or on-location press days and fairs, Media planning, negotiation, and buying, Concept & execution of media or client events

Brand consulting and development of brand narrative, Creation of story-driven press releases, Copy or full-service production for catalogues, websites, and promotional materials, Full-service social media hosting, Photo productions for all needs from social media footage to adverstising campaign

Media Planning (Print, Digital, Influencer), Customer Relationship ­Management (VIC Event Concept & Hosting), Corporate Identity and ­Logo Design


The Founder

Marco Nikolaj Rechenberg began his career in magazines while studying law at Hamburg University in Germany and later at Boston University and Harvard University in the US. 

After becoming a licensed lawyer in both countries, he transitioned to journalism as an editor at Vanity Fair Germany. He then worked for various magazines before spending multiple years as part of the chief editorial board at GQ. He is a renowned expert on fashion, watches, and jewelry.

In 2020, he founded ADVISORY BOARD and currently serves as the agency's CEO. He also continues to utilize his journalism experience as the Style Director for the acclaimed fashion magazine Numéro Berlin.